Thai Viet Phan - Santa Ana City Council - Ward 1

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Learn the truth behind the Republican's SHAM recall petition

  • Wastes taxpayer dollars — If this sham recall petition is successful, taxpayers will be stuck with the $1,000,000 bill.
  • Raises rents and ends rent control — Corporate landlords want to put their own members on council, end rent control laws, and demand exorbitant rent increases, even though the law ensures they get a fair return on their investments.
  • Increases homelessness — Too many Santa Ana residents struggle with the skyrocketing cost of living. If rents rise even higher, it will only add to the homelessness crisis facing our community.
  • Bankrolled by greedy corporate landlords — That’s right, the recall petition drive has been created and funded by special interests like big real estate and corporate landlords, not the people of Santa Ana.
  • Misleads voters — This sham petition is manipulating the truth and undermining our city’s fair election process. They are preying on our vulnerable communities to line their own pockets.

Meet Thai

Thai Viet Phan is proud to be the first Vietnamese American and first Asian woman to serve as a Santa Ana Councilmember. Born near a refugee camp in Thailand after her parents fled the devastation of the Vietnam War, Thai’s family came to Santa Ana in search of the American Dream.

Despite the struggle of growing up with few resources, Thai’s hard work helped her excel in the classroom. She attended local public schools—all in the Garden Grove Unified School District, including Hazard and Heritage Elementary Schools, Fitz Intermediate, and Los Amigos High School. The first in her family to graduate high school, Thai earned her bachelor’s from UCLA and her Master of Public Policy and law degree from USC.

Thai currently works as a city attorney advising cities and agencies throughout Southern California. She also serves on the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the Vietnamese American Bar Association of Southern California.

Thai and her husband, a former Captain in the US Air Force JAG Corps and her law school sweetheart, are proud homeowners in the Village Walk neighborhood in southwest Santa Ana.

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Thai’s Recent Accomplishments
on City Council

  • Rent control for tenants in apartments & residents in mobilehome parks
  • Rent registry to ensure transparency
  • Rent Board to resolve tenant and landlord disputes equitably
  • Just cause eviction protections
  • Vietnamese Community Liaison (Management Assistant)
  • Hazard pay for hourly grocery and retail pharmacy workers
  • Reroute mental health calls to service providers
  • Passed a climate emergency resolution
  • Increase cannabis funds for youth programs
  • Spanish Language Management Assistant
  • Increased Universal Defense Fund to $300k
  • $1 million allocated to sidewalk improvements
  • Mid-Autumn Festival, Chicano Heritage Festival, Little Saigon Monument Sign, Chinatown Memorial
  • $300 Visa cards to tenants in qualified Censustracts
  • Increase access to mental health services
  • Invested in youth violence prevention programs
  • Santa Ana Winter Village & Ice Rink
  • Funding for parks and open space improvements
  • Main Library improvements and Newhope Library renovations
  • Hold Down Payment Assistance and Section 8 Application workshops in Vietnamese and Spanish
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